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SendIT is a fast, easy, and secure way to pay all of your bills in one place.  You can pay virtually anyone in the United States from the local bakery to a Fortune 500 company, or even your babysitter.  You can also securely send money to friends and family with only their email address or cell phone number. Check out the video below on how to SendIT!




Pop Money is WFTFCU’s person to person payment system. With Pop Money, you can send money directly from your checking account to a friend or family member’s account! All you need to know to send money is the person’s phone number or email address, Pop Money will take care of the rest.  You can send money from your desktop or mobile device in 3 easy steps:


1. Log on to your online banking account and select the SendIT tab

2. Select the Pop Money tab

3. Enter the information for the person you want to send money to and how much you want to send.  Click the “continue” button and you are all set!

Mobile Device:

1. Log on to the WFTFCU Mobile App

2. Go to the Payments tab and select Pay a Person

3. Select a person from your phone’s contacts and enter the amount you want to send.  Tap “continue” and you are good to go!

After you have sent the money, the person you are sending it to will receive a text or email prompting them to create an account at  They will be able to direct the money directly to the account of their choice!



WFTFCU offers a personal financial manager right on your internet banking.  You can track where you have spent your money, start savings plans, and even link other bank accounts and loans to PlanIT.


See this video on how to SendIT!